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Therefore, we can reasonably conclude that the sequence has not been planned as a one-off. Some viewers have said the series may only work as a standalone one-season show, so there may not be much of the story left to tell. ... Ce vendredi 16 octobre 2020, retrouvez la saison 1 de La Révolution sur Netflix. In a reimagined history of the French Revolution, the guillotine's future inventor uncovers a disease that drives the aristocracy to murder commoners. "It’s a grandiose and profoundly silly bit of revisionist-history-as-metaphor with all the facile pleasures of uncomplicated genre tropes and excellent production design courtesy of a trio of cinematographers. 16 Oct. 2020 Chapter One - The Beginning. La Révolution is on Netflix now and season two could be a possibility as fans have enjoyed the insight into 18th century France. The series follows Joseph Guillotin (played by Amir El … Season: OR . Fans are hoping it gains enough interest to warrant a second instalment, as they are keen to see how the historical events can be changed up with plenty of imagination. I know I would, and I did. Vikings recap: What happened to Porunn? Après Marianne, Mortel et Vampires, La Révolution compte bien conquérir le monde In season 2, we want most of the main cast to come back. ‘The Revolt’ is a sprawling cast ensemble. Année de sortie : 2020. Regarder les épisodes de La Révolution en streaming VF, voir La Révolution Série En Streaming 1080 HD gratuitement sur HDSS.. Dans une version revisitée de la Révolution française, le futur inventeur de la guillotine découvre une maladie qui … Épisodes La Révolution. Rate. Is Teen Wolf Coming Back For a Season 7? Ce qui confirme toute la réussite de la série et justifie le fait que d’aucuns sollicitent déjà la sortie de la saison 2. La Révolution fera probablement l’objet d’une trilogie. In 2011 Tyler Posey played the lead character... © 2020 FoxExclusive. Proposée en 2018 à Netflix, la série française La Révolution a été mise en ligne avec succès le vendredi 16 octobre 2020. Add Image. La Révolution : la série surprenante de cet automne Over everything, the series ends by saying that whatever happened was just the beginning of a conquest. ADP Star: Merci beaucoup d'avoir regardé! La Saison 1 de La Révolution est disponible sur Netflix ! We still have Gaia Weiss as Marianne, Lionel Erdogan as Albert Guillotin, Julien Frison as Donatien de Montargis, and Laurent Lucas as Charles de Montargis. It’s mainly the story of Joseph: the eventual inventor of the guillotine. Apple temporarily shuts 53 stores in California: 16 in UK amid COVID-19, Intel to showcase its new AI-powered Clover Fall chip at CES 2021, Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 Vaccine: At least 128,000 people in US get vaccinated, East Asia Pacific Great Barrier Reef Has Lost Over 50 Percent of its Coral. Si on fait les saisons suivantes, ce sera 1788 puis 1789. La Revolution cast: Who is in the cast of La Revolution? L’intrigue nous plonge en 1787, en France. ‘La Revolution’ season 1 premiered on Netflix on October 16, 2020. En interagissant avec ce site, vous acceptez que nous utilisions des témoins. The series has been compared to the Korean show Kingdom on Netflix, which also gives a post-apocalyptic look at a political conspiracy. The series follows Joseph Guillotin (played by Amir El Kacem) in the year 1787 and he was a member of King Louis XVI's States General Assembly. Journaliste : Amandine Scherer. By Jade Budowski @ jadebudowski Oct 16, 2020 at 4:30pm 215 Shares. However, the inventor of the lethal virus has not yet done so. This fantasy-horror period drama is an antidote to the French Revolution. One fan said on Ready Steady Cut: "None of this is subtle or particularly interested in being clever; you can’t have your show’s plot points include literal blue blood, immortality via occultism, and an insatiable hunger for human flesh and still expect the well-known historical aristocrats being depicted to get thoughtful biographies. As one of the soldiers steps forward, intent on snatching his locket away, Albert suddenly gets a surge of strength. Vikings season 6, episode 11 release date: When does Vikings return? 3. [EXPLAINER]Barbarians Netflix release date, cast, trailer, plot: When is it out? Arrivée sur Netflix ce vendredi 16 octobre, La Révolution revisite l’Histoire de France avec un soupçon de magie. Bear in mind that the series makes no claim to be presenting accurate history, however, and its aim is to entertain, not educate. Year: Season 1. This is not a series for the faint-hearted as when a Blue Blood virus takes over the aristocrats, they involuntarily start killing the common people. See today's front and back pages, download the newspaper, Sortie sur Netflix le 16 octobre 2020, la nouvelle série « La Révolution … ", Another fan said: "The first episode of La Révolution on Netflix is absolutely incredible. Will Porunn return? The sick then act out to destroy the dying and the innocent. Episode 2 of La Revolution begins with the vultures down by the shore taking any valuables the slaves have. Joseph-Ignace Guillotin (Amir El Kacem) seems to be a doctor with a good sense of justice. Versailles season 4: Will Versailles return? Will Porunn return? There is no indication of when production would start on season two due to the coronavirus pandemic and ever-changing restrictions, but fans can hope the second instalment would land in early 2022 if they are lucky. order back issues and use the historic Daily Express newspaper archive. Where to Stream: Note: We are independent publishers and our website is not affiliated with FOX / Fox Media LLC or any of the affiliates of FOX. Medici season 4 Netflix release date: Will there be another series? La Révolution est une série TV de Aurélien Molas et Gaïa Guasti avec Amir El Kacem (Joseph Guillotin), Marilou Aussilloux (Elise de Montargis). Stream It Or Skip It: ‘La Révolution’ On Netflix, A Horror Series That Reimagines French History . Packed with brutality, luxurious mansions, period dresses, and even bloodbaths, ‘La Revolt’ is not for the faint-hearted. Découvrez l’explication de la fin de la Saison 1 de La Révolution sur Netflix ! It consists of eight episodes with a length of 45-55 minutes each. At this moment in time, it is too early to say if season two has been given the green light, but fans should hopefully hear more news in the coming weeks. Many fans have said they were hooked by the first season, so there is hope that with enough interest it will be given the green light for season two. [EXPLAINER]. La Revolution release date: How many episodes are in La Revolution? On a discuté saison 2, influences, et genèse avec son créateur et showrunner, Aurélien Molas. This new French show, which was dropped on Netflix today, seems to be getting people talking. La Révolution Season 1 has landed on Netflix and fans of the show are already wondering when Season 2’s release date will be on Netflix.. It consists of eight episodes with a length of 45-55 minutes each. The first season of La Révolution has just landed on Netflix and viewers were interested to see the reinvented history of the French Revolution for themselves. Fastweb to launch new 5G-enabled home broadband solution powered by Qualcomm across 500 cities, Air India Privatisation unlikely to conclude the fiscal. La saison 1 sera la saison "bleue", la saison 2 la "blanche" et la 3 le "rouge" avec la prise de la Bastille. modifier La Révolution est une série télévisée fantastique française en huit épisodes de 39-57 minutes créée par Aurélien Molas et diffusée depuis le 16 octobre 2020 sur Netflix . La Révolution (2020) Episode List. Rate. Si cette saison 1 de La Révolution n’est pas parfaite, elle a le potentiel de devenir une grande série. La première saison de La Révolution est arrivée sur Netflix le 16 octobre 2020. Guillotin was a member of King Louis XVI's States General Assembly. One fan said: "As one can see, there are significant departures from history throughout La Révolution. [INSIGHT]Vikings recap: What happened to Porunn? The French Revolution takes a very dark turn in this series, as a virus causes anarchy amongst the aristocrats. La Revolution has been in the production since 2018 and has been the most awaited french series for many people. La Revolution: The series sees aristocrats turn on the common people, La Revolution season 2: The Blue Blood virus spreads. The series revolves around Joseph Guillotin (played by Amir El Kacem) in the year 1787. Express. Season 1 of La Révolution has just landed on Netflix and fans of the show seem to be enjoying an insight into the 18th century France. He takes a teenage girl with supernatural abilities. Where's it set? Fans have enjoyed the series so far and many have said it is the one horror series worth watching over the Halloween period. The core story revolves around Élise de Montargis (Marilou Aussilloux), a noblewoman and countess who sympathizes with the plight of the commoners suffering under the harsh tyranny of the aristocrats. 7.2 (206) 0. Concernant la date de sortie de la saison 2 de Le Revolution elle devrait être fixée pour 2021 sur Netflix. Therefore, both in terms of definition and substance, we expect ‘The Movement’ to be revived in the future. Other fans have said they enjoyed the idea of taking a real-life historical event and adapting it for a thriller or horror genre. Saison 1. Sachez que les créateurs envisagent de faire trois saisons mais pour que cela soit possible il faudra que le géant du streaming donne son accord … et ce n’est pas encore gagné. Please see our Privacy Notice for details of your data protection rights. We will use your email address only for sending you newsletters. What happens here is that when a mysterious virus is released, it causes the blood of the elite to turn blue. What he’s going to do with her isn’t revealed in the end, and we don’t really know what her powers mean to the world. La série est prête à devenir un succès international pour Netflix. Only, Albert Guillotin finds himself coughing and struggling to stand up. CRITIQUE - La plateforme dégaine, vendredi 16 octobre, la première saison de La Révolution, grand récit épique construit sur le thème de la Révolution française. + Who was The Desert Wolf? Some viewers have criticised the series for not giving an accurate account of the French Revolution, but they have been reminded the aim of the series is not to be historically accurate. L’intrigue de la saison 1 se déroule en 1787, soit deux ans avant la prise de la Bastille. La Révolution 2020 TV-MA 1 Season TV Horror In a reimagined history, a mysterious disease besets 18th century France, culminating in a brutal clash between rebels and the aristocracy. Netflix soutient les principes de l’Alliance de la publicité numérique. Nous utilisons des témoins ... Saison 1 (bande-annonce) : La Révolution. Une enquête épique et fantastique, qui pourrait bien se prolonger au-delà de ses huit épisodes à travers une saison 2. The series stars Vikings actress Gaia Weiss as Marianne, a fierce fighter who joins forces with others to stand her ground. Barbarians Netflix release date, cast, trailer, plot: When is it out? If a new series were to go ahead, it is unlikely to air before the end of 2021, so fans will have some waiting to do before season two comes out. La Revolution Season 2 Netflix: La Révolution is an upcoming historical French Netflix original series. La Revolution location: Where is La Revolution filmed? Doudou Masta plays Oka, Amélia Lacquemant plays Madeleine and Lionel Erdogan plays Albert Guillotin. La Révolution, c'est la nouvelle série française qui fait actuellement un tabac sur Netflix . La série-événement "La Révolution" est dispo sur Netflix depuis le 16 octobre. La Révolution débarque sur Netflix. One fan said on "So, this new Netflix show is a really strange and I would argue fascinating retelling of the French revolution. Ok, we’re expecting the next season to resume the plot from here and to chronicle the story arcs of the various protagonists. But if you are among those who are drawn to gore and alternative reality, you must have finished watching the first season. Netflix continue d'investir en France dans des projets très excitants sur le papier. READ MORE: La Revolution location: Where is La Revolution filmed? ", DON'T MISS... La Revolution cast: Who is in the cast of La Revolution? The events take place in 1787 and introduce us to Joseph, a surgeon who finds a vampire-like virus called Blue Blood, which renders aristocrats invincible and allows them to murder commoners. Fans have been blown away so far, with one saying on Twitter: "For anyone having @netflix and who liked the Korean show Kingdom, there's a French show called La Révolution (The Revolution). "I binge-watched the whole show in one evening, and now I can’t wait for season two.". La Révolution is on Netflix now and season two could be a possibility as fans have enjoyed the insight into 18th century France. “Slaves will break free from the chains… but no matter what, the powerful will always remain powerful..” This is the idea of Netflix’s ‘La Revolution,’ a landmark horror drama that depicts the violent clash between the aristocrats and the commoners. Donatien dans la saison 1 de La Révolution sur Netflix — Crédit(s) : Netflix Quel est le plan diabolique de Louis XVI ? If this happens earlier, we should expect ‘La Revolution’ season 2 to be premiered at the end of 2021. 2. I'm halfway and it's good! Rate. Alors forcément vous avez envie de savoir si La Révolution aura une saison 2 prochainement sur Netflix. Who wouldn’t want to watch something like this at Halloween time? La Revolution season 2: The Netflix series tells a reimagined story of the French Revolution, La Revolution: Gaia Weiss stars in the series. La série va sortir dans toutes les langues principales. With Marilou Aussilloux, Coline Beal, Amir El Kacem, Lionel Erdogan. D’où la question de savoir si la série aura vraiment une suite. This is why Teen Wolf was canceled for the 7th season. Where's it set? The first season came out on October 16 and fans have already left reviews explaining whether the series is worth watching. I'm hooked!". La saison 1 sera la saison ’bleue’, la saison 2 la ’blanche’ et la 3 le ’rouge’ avec la prise de la Bastille. ‘La Revolution’ season 1 premiered on Netflix on October 16, 2020. Last Kingdom: Will Uhtred live to see Athelstan as king. As the first season comes to a close, we see Joseph and the rest of the survivors setting off to create a better life for themselves. It’s a rather fantastical retelling of the Revolution in … Si vous souhaitez plus de nouvelles, abonnez-vous à la chaîne! S1, Ep1. Gaia Weiss husband: Is Vikings star Gaia Weiss married? Although the first season concludes the core mystery and ties up one aspect of the plot, the finale opens the door to another story. Kingdom's second season was released in March 2020, so there is a chance this French series will also be given a second chance. I loved it so much. 1. The show is set in an alternate history. Vikings season 6 part 2 theory: Will Porunn return to save Bjorn? Rate. So If you want to learn about the actual revolution, grab a book.". Hopefully, most of the main cast will reprise their roles in season two. It's so dark and eery, the soundtrack is amazing and the actors are all great. Although the first season concludes the core mystery and ties up one aspect of the plot, the finale opens the door to another story. La série « La Révolution » est en ligne sur Netflix depuis le 16 octobre. But, if you’re interested to know anything about the future of the show, we’re here to help you out! "It’s a horrific version involving Aristocrat zombies. C’est la série phare française de l’année lancée par Netflix. "The two original writers said themselves they love Kingdom and wanted to encourage the genre in a historical context! Moreover, the dramas of the foreign era have a common appeal for viewers. Home of the Daily and Sunday Express. La Revolution season 1, episode 2 recap - "Chapter Two -- The Revenant" thickens the plot with some solid action, plenty of mystery, and the return of a dead man back to the living. Netflix annonce la fin de Plan Cœur : la saison 3 sera la dernière Industry aura bien droit à une saison 2 sur HBO et OCS What if : un superbe trailer excitant pour la série animée Marvel ... On attend de voir l'Incorruptible en sadique à la solde des nobles pour la saison 2. Malheureusement, la Révolution française revisitée à la sauce fantastique ne prend pas. La série française La Révolution aura-t-elle le droit à une saison 2 sur Netflix ?

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