Treasure of the Caribbean Sea, available in 7 languages

Do you already miss the holidays? Leave now for the Carribeans ! Developped by students of the IIM, with the support of CAZAP, this game is a sucessful collaboration between university and professional worlds, as well as an colorful adventure. Available now in 7 languages and in a virtual mode as well, so if you like games you definitely need to Click to find out more and get the best one  !

In the warmth of a Caribbean island, teenage siblings Allan and Morgane search for clues from the past to understand their heritage in Treasure of the Caribbean Seas, a treacherous and engaging hidden object adventure. They find all sorts of interesting tools, including maps and pages from the captain’s logbook. Thomas de Granpré was the ancestor of Allan and Morgain and the captain of a ship full of treasure that he abandoned in 1778. He has left them many intriguing clues to follow. Along the way they encounter ancestors of the pirate Matheis who believe they have a claim to the loot too.

Release date: 24 Septembre 2014

Price: starting at 9,90$ – 7.90€

Available: on PC

Languages: English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Swedish, Dutch.

More information:

  • Explore a warm and colorful island in search of ancestral booty hidden on a historic ship.
  • Play more than 10 original puzzles of words, music, and riddles.
  • Collect the missing pages of the captain’s log to understand what happened.
  • Choose from Normal or Expert modes of play for more or less access to hints and hot spots.

Download it here:

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